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excuse me could i have your attention please thank you
hello and welcome to...

the ontd_lostffa snaps post

you might be thinking what the hell does that mean idk but i think you're supposed to post your name in the comments and we give mad props

so feel the love and come leave some snaps

An even more Officialer Thread

I know some of us already listed our birthdays in this thread:


but this might be easier. I'll make a thread for each month. Just make a comment under your month.

Hopefully this will make party planning easier and avoid people getting left out.

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Instead of reccomending some books or music, reccomend your favorite websites, blogs or communities.

I also have a special treat for you behind the cut.

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Drumroll please

thebigquiet is now a moderator, because she is awesome. Also, it is summer, and I have class, and I travel a lot and I like to do so without my laptop. This community recently had a baby boom of sorts where I was approving a whole stack of people almost daily. So, it'll be nice to have a Hurcob to keep you riff-raff in line.

But, also, like I said in my first mod post, this is a hippie commune, there are no rules, so everyone still just keep on keeping on.

Also, I feel very loved that I was only "missing" from June 26th (when I made a True Blood appreciation post)-June 30th before people were getting concerned. Seriously, you guys, that's sort of sweet. It's good to know that if I ever went missing for real, someone would notice.

I will be gone/offline this weekend from July 10th-July 13th. I'm going to get my sister's Sookie Stackhouse books signed by Charlaine Harris, anyway. I won't be here. Nobody panic, and if you have any  complaints or need something throw it all over to bigquiet for that time.

So, anyway, let's have a party to celebrate the new mod.


Also, and, I missed henrycusick's b-day during my AWOL time, so a big HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! to you.

And pineapple4nick, I will also miss her b-day celebration post, so HAPPY B-DAY!


I mean, I brought you all here to prove my bastard brother wrong, that doesn't mean I have to eat lunch with you.


So, a couple of things to mention. Carmen was in D.C., and also, I'm thinking about appointing a Richard and Ben.

There's been whispers going on here, so I thought I would poke my head in;
I'm not dead, and I haven't left livejournal.

It's summer, dudes, I was on vacation. :)

 First off all HUGE props to bigquiet for giving this community paid LJ. Seriously, thank-you.

So, I went on vacation the 3rd, and just got back today, and saw the O Captain My Captain post. Hilarious. Before the third, I was checking in every day, seeing what was up. I don't read every comment, but I figured if you guys needed me to delete something, you'd give me a heads up. 

I wasn't missing, babies, I just didn't have anything interesting to say. :D

It's a community for fans of a show where the "boss" of the island never interfered with the day-to-day, after all ;).

I was still on top of approving the memberships, though. I don't think anyone had to wait more than overnight. Unless it was this week, and I just approved a batch. Sorry for the wait.

So, that was still cool.

Time sent me a message saying that he wants to be a co-mod. And that's completely cool with me, if it's completely cool with you guys. I think everyone is cool with it, but I just wanted to ask.

Also, I think bigquiet should get a mod status as well because of her awesome gift and because she's an OG in this group. Once again, though, only if you guys agree.

Which one is Richard and which is Ben? Eh, let them fight it out.

Anyway, that is all. You little mutineers ;).


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Nominations will be announced sometime between 8:30-8:40AM EST / 5:30-5:40AM PST

While you're waiting, go get some Starbucks if you haven't already

And you better be crossing your fingers for Lost, Mad Men, and Breaking Bad.

Are there any other shows/actors you hope to see nominated? How about snubbed?
We can all agree that some things were left out of Lost that really should have been in there; Sun returning the DriveShaft ring to Claire, an explanation of what happened to Annie, several butt shots.
But perhaps the most sorely missed element that henrycusick and I KNOW should have been there is Richard's little jungle friends.
We were there, and we should know.
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