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if you found us, you're probably curious about what this place is! most people who are familiar with a "ffa" will know, but this handy faq should solve all your problems! if there is anything we haven't covered and you'd like to ask, feel free to ask in the comments and one of us mods will get back to you!

1. what is ffa?
ffa stands for "free for all" a popular post usually reserved in most livejournal communities to let members post whatever they'd like. however, they aren't frequent enough for our needs! here you can find a free for all at all hours of the day. you're free to post anything you want as long as it follows the simple rules. there's no need to be shy, jump right in!

2. who are the mods?
thebigquiet and henrycusick are the moderators. if you ever have a problem or a question, you can pm us anytime, preferably the both of us, and we will get back to you in an expedient manner!

3. i'm too shy to join in!
don't be! here at ffa, we operate on the members who come by and post all the time and the members who make it in occasionally. many of our current members used to be shy but when they commented and introduced themselves they were immediately welcomed in. we like fresh faces, honest! come right into a post and give us a hello.

4. there are a lot of inside jokes, what do they mean?
we've thrown together a wiki page for the community that we all edit freely to explain the in-jokes we make up in posts and members are free to create and edit their own pages as well as others. you can find it here.

5. where are all the posts? how often are posts made? can i make a post?
a few months ago, we locked all new posts to members only for more privacy. so the only posts viewable to the public are older ones. we usually have two to three posts average in a day. anyone can feel free to make a post! often times we like to have a morning post and a night post. we even encourage special posts like member-run polls or themed posts! another popular post is a "watching post" where a member will choose something for everyone to stream together and comment about as we watch. there are also birthday posts, as long as you make your birthday known we like to celebrate it with a post! if you're curious about what to put into a post, just take a look at a couple recent posts and you'll get a good feel for the place.

6. what are alt accounts?
since our posts average over 2000 comments, it would wreak havoc on the original poster's inbox! however, setting a post to not notify you of new comments also means you won't get replies to your individual comments in the post. therefore many members here choose to create alternate accounts to post a free for all from, and then set the "Allow Comments" box in the entry post page to "Don't Notify". This saves your inbox and allows you to get replies to your individual comments! the only rule to alt accounts is that we need to know who you are. when joining with an alt account please pm both henrycusick and thebigquiet to notify us. also try to make the account name or icon obvious as to who you are. for example seeingrightly has the alt seeingwrongly. we have a list of alt accounts compiled here.

7. how does everyone make their comments and posts sparkle?
it's a nifty little code! we have a few choice sparkles we made for this community specifically. there are two sets of sparklecodes due to livejournal coding. the sparkles you can use when creating a post are located here, and sparkles you can use for comments are located here. Make sure you use the correct sparkles, because post sparkles do not work in comments, and using the comment sparkles displays funny in posts. Please note that the posts are locked to members.

8. it seems like there is a lot of fandom in here.
yes! we like to get enthused about movies coming out or episodes of our favorite television shows airing all the time! feel free to talk about all your favorite fandoms, things you are excited about, or things you can't stand! we really mean it, we are a free for all.

If there is anything we haven't covered and you'd like to ask, please feel free to ask us!
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