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I figured it was time to bring this back.
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goddamnit why do babies have such small heads

i have no idea if the baby hat i'm making will fit a baby
Filmmaker Guillermo del Toro has revealed on his message boards that his upcoming supernatural film "Crimson Peak" isn't akin to "The Haunting of Hell House" as previously reported.

Rather it's a Bronte-esque "gothic romance with ghosts", think a spookier take on the Thornfield Hall scenes of "Jane Eyre." It's also his most direct horror movie in many years.

"It’s set at the turn of the century and it is a gothic romance with ghosts. When I use the GR [gothic romance] term I use it not in the Barbara Cartland model but rather in a Bronte fashion. Dark and stormy and wind-swept. This is my first foray into horror since "Mimic." "The Devil’s Backbone" was more of an essay on ghosts than a ghost story and, except as a producer, I have not returned to scary stuff in a long time."

Speaking of del Toro, turns out his beloved 2006 dark fairytale feature "Pan's Labyrinth" is getting a stage adaptation.

A book has been written by del Toro and Jeremy Ungar. Paul Williams has just been signed to write the lyrics. "Brokeback Mountain" and "Babel" composer Gustavo Santaolalla is writing the music.

lol one of the Ashmores in that pic

was that movie made in Canada
so cute.
some girl in here is eating mcdonalds french fries

you are asking me to steal them
just punch her in the face and eat them in front of her while dancing
she already ate them all :(
what a bitch!
Day is moving by for me pretty fast. Hopefully the rest of the day keeps up pace and 8pm gets here soon.
Finished with the presentation! It went alright, though I rambled a bit. But that's okay, that way we were for sure within the time frame.

My thoughts exactly.

(Omg code is so hard to do on my phone.)
ugh I know that irritates me so much.
I am so cold rn and I feel lame because it's California so what right do we have to complain about the weather.
Did some Christmas shopping today -- the Star Wars Cookbook and a cute little comic called Darth Vader & Son for my brother, and a giant fancy holiday coloring book for me :3

and I'm baking my cookiecakepies right now!
Also just turned in my romantic lit term paper! I still have five essays left to write for various classes but those are all short and casual and creative and don't require any research besides watching cartoons
where's poly

he's gonna like tomorrow's teefury shirt

Off work. CHECK
Tickets for midnight Hobbit showing bought. CHECK
Not dying in all the construction on the way to Parents. CHECK.
Clothes sorted and started to wash. CHECK! THANK GOD.
Showered and ready for bed after long day. CHECK!
Forgot your pajamas at your house. BIG CHECK!

Oh well. Its not a complete weekend at my parents unless i forget something.
Anybody here?
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